Ploom Review - Is it an Electronic Cigarette or Not?


Ploom Review



Price: $75

A New Concept In Electronic Cigarettes. Ploom is reminiscent of the great Indian Peace Pipe - great for sharing. A novel concept that is definitely worth a try - look out for newer revisions as the company works to improve its Model One concept.

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I must say that I was very intrigued to do The Ploom Review because its one of the newest innovations to hit the electronic cigarette industry. It is important to note though it that The Ploom Vaporizer is not actually an electronic cigarette, well not exactly. Intrigued? So was I…
It is basically a product inspired by the hookah and the e-cig. This product was tailor-made for those who just don’t get enough from an electronic cigarette and/or are just looking for a different experience (like a hookah-to-go!). This method is not usually preferred by heavy smokers as an everyday option, but is usually well-liked by social smokers and for those once-a-day occasions.

HOW “The Ploom Vaporizer” WORKS

The Ploom Vaporizer starter kits contain the following: a model one (the ‘smoking’ device), four pod packs (flavor), a case in black or white, and Butane.
This is almost like a 3rd alternative to electronic cigarettes and standard cigarettes – who would have thought that such a thing existed! This device does not use batteries but instead is heated by Butane Gas. Flavor pods which contain real tobacco, tea, and botanicals are put into the model one heating device and the heat from the Butane turns the tobacco blend into a vapor that is inhaled. The pods can then be thrown away after use.

Ploom offers a carrying case that comes in either black or white that holds two pod packs and the model one unit. The cases cost $11.95 each.


The Ploom Vaporizer starter kit is $75 and includes a model one, four standard pod packs, and a carrying case with Butane. The model one which is your small butane-powered vaporizer, costs $40 individually. A 12 pack of pods are $6 and one pod usually lasts about 5-7 minutes. The Butane is sold for $4 for 1.48 oz and is enough to refill the ‘model one’ smoking device about 20 times.
There are also extra mouthpieces for $5 for a 2 pack available. I get the feeling that this is a product you could sit round and share with friends.


The different flavor ‘pods’ currently available are rocket, naked, café noir, orchard, gold, blue tea, and kick-ass mint. My personal experience during testing was that the vapor production is much lower than an electronic cigarette yet the flavor was still very pleasing as was the ‘hit’ I received from the device.


There is free shipping on orders over $65 and Ploom offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Whilst conducting my Ploom Review I noted that customer reviews for the Ploom Starter Kit have been mostly positive. The Ploom vaporizer is a very promising product with a potentially bright future, however one bit of advice – you do need to be careful not to burn your lips. I found that it’s easy to put your mouth too far down the ‘barrel’ of the model one smoking device but if you’re careful and smoke it the way its meant to be smoked then its not a problem. Also, I found that vapor production varied from pod to pod and I’m told this is to do with the manufacturing process.

Turning the device on and off can be a bit tricky also. The Ploom Vaporizer is very new and will I’m sure only get better. I believe the Model One to be a very competent addition to the market and its certainly able to offer a totally different esmoking experience that no other E cig brand can. This innovation comes at a price; I reckon it will average out as roughly the same cost as smoking traditional cigarettes, so not a cheaper alternative. Probably not just yet a product for everyday use but definitely great for sharing with friends and ideal for parties, I think it’s definitely worth a look if you’re feeling adventurous and still a great alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

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  • Jack Bransom says:

    The Ploom I is a awful joke. The flavor equals very dirty socks smell. V2 cig is the way to go, or greens smoke, best two ecigs on the market imo.

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